Natural Organic Skincare Taking Over the Runway

Natural beauty has been a big beauty trend for several years, but until comparatively recently, the brands and products used to achieve the runway looks have mostly been less-than-natural in their chemical composition. But now a whole new host of products and runway beauty professionals are starting to understand and embrace the benefits of organic and natural skincare as a means of driving natural beauty from the inside out – and a range of increasingly sophisticated formulas with superb organic credentials are helping to bring about this change, too!

Why Natural Beauty?

There are so many natural beauty products to choose from, products which offer eco-friendly customers an alternative to chemically-dense counterparts. The appeal of natural beauty to both everyday customers and make-up professionals is easy to understand. In the hectic world of fashion and beauty, having good skin is an absolute must – and only eco-friendly products can help ensure models don’t suffer breakouts right before hitting the catwalk. With this in mind, it’s no wonder their popularity is continuing to grow and emerging as a preferable alternative to mainstream products.

The growth of mindful practices in skincare and beauty has led many industry professionals to reconsider what they put on the faces of those who represent their client’s brands. As formulations continue to improve, there is no need for compromising for the sake of beauty – natural beauty is just as, or even more effective than anything else on the market.

What Makes a Great Natural Beauty Product?

True natural beauty products are those which present a viable alternative, while also ensuring no harmful processes are involved in their production. This means they are created without animal testing or synthetic colors and fragrances, and are free from parabens and genetically modified materials. In contrast, they are chock-full of antioxidants and sustainably sourced ingredients, as well as being produced using transparent manufacturing methods and containing biodegradable ingredients (and where possible, packaging). Natural beauty products help to sustain a biodiverse landscape by taking only what they need, without damaging the environment.

Choosing the Right Brand

Selected brands have made the Soil Association list of great organic makeup and skincare, with many of these products trusted by beauty industry insiders to bring a natural glow with no ugly side effects for the environment. Another great resource for natural skincare is the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep where you can find a detailed list on over 70,000 products and the safety of the products ingredients.


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