Finding Fulfillment: Live and Let Live

Unless we have the patience to observe, we will never really have full understanding of anything in this world. We don’t have to be the most intelligent to have the best responses. We only need to spare time to study the behavior of things which we want to better comprehend.

If you consider yourself to be a student of life, or are passionate about learning for as long as you live, then it is impossible for you to not know about a woman named Jane Goodall.

She is our green hero for the week. But I guess you could say that if this commensurates with an actual award, she’d be one of our lifetime awardees.

We admire her for her dedication to raising awareness about the environment and her love for animals. Like many philanthropists, this affection comes from a childhood dream or experience.

The story of Tarzan truly captivated her young heart. And ever since she fell, she knew what kind of life she would want to live. She made sure that she did, living in what gives her pleasure without compromising her bigger purpose.

Aside from being an animal behaviorist, Jane is also an author. She wrote books that inspired many young girls to do the same thing that she did – do that which fuels their desire, and be kind to animals because they will reciprocate such kindness.

Many of those under her sponsorship program have excelled and are recognized for their contribution to environmental awareness. She truly is an inspiration and very much deserving to be called a hero in the green community.


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