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Fast fashion is the third largest pollutant in the world.

Is there such a thing as sustainable fashion?

This podcast episode is with Kasi Martin of The Peahen.

About Kasi and The Peahen:

Kasi wants to honestly cover fashion. Fashion journalism has been more of a marketing tool since the 80’s. Kasi is on a mission to change this.

The Peahen is the marrying of Kasi’s two loves: fashion and sustainability. She has researched sustainable fashion extensively and is sharing her wisdom with you in the latest episode of the podcast.

Kasi’s tips

  • Start with one ethic as you move towards a more sustainable wardrobe, such as the environment or humane treatment of humans, etc. this doesn’t mean you neglect the others, it’s just too overwhelming to focus on all at once.
  • Go to marketplaces for sustainable clothing – shop and browse and get to know the brands/makers.
  • Do your research on brands using the Project Just database.
  • Tweet or use Instagram to get in touch with companies and ask questions.
  • Ask about certifications that companies have. Although small independent brands may not be able to afford certifications as they are very expensive.

The Takeaways

Research brands that you like and find out their ethics. Don’t hesitate to reach out! They should be willing to help. If not then it might not be a brand you’ll want to invest in.

Build a capsule wardrobe: invest in key pieces that are sustainable and high quality rather than following trends.

Read as much as you can. Lift principles and integrate them into your own life.

Kasi has a curated list of brands she likes on The Peahen. She has made a concerted effort to showcase brands that are sustainable, as well as create designs that are beautiful.

Brands mentioned in the episode:

  • Basics: IMBY, People Tree, SIIZU, Everlane
  • Feminine: Amour Vert
  • Marketplace: Bead & Reel
  • Luxury: Maiyet, Stella McCartney, Behno
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  1. Nice, I love this interview with Kasi because she does do such a great job exposing. She really knows how to dig and trace back the supply chains, while most people just can’t be bothered with it. Very good!


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