Schmidts natural deodorant one of the best

Written by Antje Verluen 

Schmidts Naturals deodorant is making deodorant natural again

As we’ve seen in the previous post on deodorant; the natural deodorant is on the rise. And the wave is catching more and more speed, ready to wash over us. With all these new products and ingredient information, it’s easy to get confused. Because it isn’t only the aluminium chlorohydrate you want to avoid but also silicones, and what about other possible harmful ingredients? Also important: is the product that remains still effective in fighting the smells coming from your armpits? When I tend to get overwhelmed, I resort to my favorite remedy. Simplify. It doesn’t have to be difficult. Don’t sweat (pun intended)!

Fighting armpit odor and sweat in a natural way

The mastermind of Schmidt’s naturals Jaime Schmidt had exactly that approach when she created her natural deodorant, in her little kitchen in Portland in 2010. With short ingredient lists and unusual smells as geranium, rose, juniper and sage, she wanted to fight armpit odor and sweat in a natural way. She uses plant based powders to absorb wetness to replace aluminum.

Fans of the brand

When she started selling her homemade deodorant blend (in a glass jar, mind you, to be applied with your finger) on the many Portland craft markets, she slowly began to attract a fanbase. A very loyal fan-base, that helped getting the word around and resulted in stores contacting her, asking if they could add her deodorant to their inventory. Fast forward to today, and Schmidt’s Naturals is the fastest growing company in the 6 billion dollar body care and deodorant sector, selling worldwide.

Do natural deodorants even work?

The first question Jaime Schmidt had to answer when she met with investors in 2014 was: Does it work? Schmidt feels she has to change the public’s attitude towards natural deodorants. To evolve them from being associated with hippie products that make you feel good but don’t really work, towards a normal product, that, -yes, really!- works. And her sales number show that she isn’t taking market share from only other natural deodorants: she’s taking market share from Dove and Speedstick, showing that not just hippie-folk is buying her deodorant.

Focus on the purpose of every ingredient

There’s only one thing the investor demanded to happen: apart from the glass jar, the deodorant deserved a easy to apply stick. This definitely helped large groups of consumers embracing the natural deodorant. ‘Consumers are waking up and want to know what they put on their body. They want to know everything. Without using scare tactics about what’s in common deodorants, we want to focus on the purpose of every ingredient of our deodorant. It’s natural and clean and works as well as a conventional product. Why not choose the safe option?’ Schmidt’s simply states.

What is your current favorite deodorant? Have you been switching up brands or are you sticking to your favorite? Let’s discuss this in the comments below, or head over to Facebook for a chat!


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