My year of not shopping

Being inspired by this NYTimes article, I thought: I need to do that. Yes, I’m somewhat of a conscious consumer but I have my moments of unconsciousness and the occasional plastic straw suddenly being hugged by my lips.

We’re not perfect. Nor should we strive to. 

I do believe in setting goals, and pushing ourselves beyond our limits. This is why I’m taking the challenge to not shop this year. 

One thing, though: I’m making my own rules. 

Here are my rules:

  • If something breaks, such as a food processor, I’ll get a new one or used one. Because it would otherwise mean I’ll have to buy prepackaged hummus and all of that which leads to much more single-use plastic waste. This doesn’t entirely apply to Sally, but it kind of does. I am going to buy Sally a present for her birthday, but I’ll buy it used and if it needs refurbishing I’ll buy supplies if necessary. If she needs new shoes: she’s getting a new pair. She’s exempt from my challenge.
  • Gifts for loved ones: I’ll buy experiences as much as I can. 
  • Greeting cards: I’ll make them or reuse old ones. 
  • Toiletries: I can buy a new face-cream, makeup, etc. when I run out and it’s something I use nearly every day. If it’s a lipstick that I just want to have because it’s a cool color? Nope. 
  • I can only buy new clothes if their goal is functional. And only for work. I have another goal set this year in which I want to create more videos. This means I’ll need to look presentable. First step: borrow. If that doesn’t work: thrift. If I can’t find anything then: buy eco-friendly.
  • Books & courses. I love to read & learn. I’ll let myself buy books and the occasional course if it’s something I really want to read or learn.
  • Experiences & travel. I can purchase tickets to events or destinations I would like to travel too. This year is about experiencing more, consuming less.

I’m sharing my rules with you, mainly for accountability. But also to show that you can set your own too, which might make this whole thing a bit less daunting.

One follower on Instagram told me she’ll be doing the same this year and she’s going to take a picture of each thing she would have wanted to buy. I’ll do this whenever I think of it too. 

Dear friends, if you can lend me some of your clothes or give me some hand-me-downs by end of year? 

I already had my first challenge and that’s that I had been forgetting most people’s birthday last year and I thought it would be a good idea to have a birthday calendar in the bathroom. 


What to do to remember people’s birthdays? Either make one myself, or add people’s birthdays to my google calendar. 

How about you? ARE YOU IN?!

Let’s do this together! 



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