Kiva Funds Millions of Women Small Businesses

No compassion comes close to that of a woman. Give her something that is barely enough for herself, and she will still find a way to leave a piece for others who are in need. When a woman earns something (money): an average of 80% of it is shared. 

We believe that Kiva sees and supports this compassion. At present, they have funded over $1.06 billion loans where 81% of the borrowers are women.

This is why Kiva is our weekly Green Hero! When you support women; you support their communities, and this is what makes Kiva so wonderful. 

Kiva makes it easy for people with big hearts to solve problems bigger than themselves. Kiva ensures that what they lend to borrowers will convert into something more than just profit.

There is hope that we don’t have to wait for too long to see the impact that this operation can bring. You’ll be surprised how far a minimum of $25 can go.

With the cooperation of those who want to change the world for the better, small things can become great. Whether the funds will be used to put up a small business or fulfill lifelong dreams, Kiva is there to make it happen.


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