Welcome to Power Women in Green; a global podcast and platform created by me, Ellen Hielkema. PWiG is all about the revolution that’s happening on the planet right now: women making the world a better place one business at a time.

24-juli-20170661-by-Beyoutiful-Photography-created-by-beYOUtiful-Photography-by-Wendy-van-Hardeveld ABOUTI believe that it’s possible to have a fulfilling life, be successful and have an ethical business that does good to the planet rather than destroys. Some businesses lead from the misconception that one needs to destroy all that comes in your path to make it to the top.

Not Power Women in Green!

They live their lives and career from a heart-centered place. Their products, their employees, and all of the people in their lives are treated with the respect and compassion that they deserve. And yet, they’re successful! This is the essence of PWiG.

The weekly podcast is meant to inspire you to live your fullest life just like these women do. To be inspired by her story. They have learned so much on their unique road to success; they have fallen and gotten back up, again and again, but they kept going, even when people told them to quit.

These Power Women are brave beyond measure, and their stories are worth being told. And besides, why would you need to figure it out all on your own when you can learn from the best? PWiG is the source to find products that are ethically made with love. Each and every product that is featured on the website is sublime and chosen by me.

In the article section not all products are from women-owned businesses, but they’re super green and you need to know about them.

My background is in publishing in NYC after which I lived on a mountain in Portugal: from the extreme urban environment to extreme off-grid living. What I’ve learned from the elbowing at Conde Nast to bucket-showering and compost-toilets is that it’s possible to have it all. I realized I didn’t need to live on a mountain to be ethical, it’s possible to live a high-paced life with the luxuries we’re used to as long as we make informed decisions on what we purchase and why.

I mean, do we really need a twelve-step skincare routine before bed? I think a couple of kick-ass products will do the trick. And our closets so full of clothes of which we only use 20%? Invest in a couple of gorgeous staples that you love and donate the rest.

Being ethical means being conscious. In business and in life. That’s what PWiG is all about.

Now I’m living back in the Netherlands with my daughter Sally, I try to buy my products as ethically made as possible, but I’m not perfect. We have some plastic toys and some clothing items that aren’t up to my ethical standards, but it’s a process. It’s important to keep coming back to your beliefs and empower yourself and each other to do the right thing. Our planet and health depend on it!

Are you ready to go from conventional products to ethically made products? Here’s my guide to quitting the nasties and joining the revolution:

Are you or do you know a Power Woman in Green that I simply have to meet? Let me know.

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24-juli-20170604-by-Beyoutiful-Photography-created-by-beYOUtiful-Photography-by-Wendy-van-Hardeveld ABOUTI was born in Amsterdam in the Netherlands, but I feel more like a citizen of the planet. My daughter, Sally Olijfje, was born in Portugal on the winter solstice of 2015.
I’m quite the spiritual connoisseur, I’m always reading books like A Course in Miracles and from authors such as Eckhart Tolle and the Dalai Lama. I guess it’s partly why I’m all into living and doing business from the heart.

I’m a health foodie! Healthy foods for our bodies are also the healthiest foods for our planet. You’ll find me in the kitchen eating vegetables and drinking kombucha. I don’t own a car. It’s kind of a choice, I get around by bicycle, but I borrow cars from my family when I need them. (To go hiking or to the beach!)
Shinrin-yoku and kaizen are two of my favorite words (and coincidentally, or not, they’re both Japanese).

– Shinrin-yoku means forest bathing: I try to get into nature every day to recharge, whether it’s a walk in the woods or a cycle through the fields. Nature is my therapy, and I need it daily to stay peaceful.
– Kaizen means to improve yourself a tiny bit every day; it’s simple, yet so major. It takes a huge load off of my day and it helps me to get things done.
– I have a love-hate relationship with coffee. I’m always stepping up my coffee-game by adding more adaptogens, ghee or coconut milk; I’m continuously improving my (bulletproof inspired) recipe. But other times I’m trying to quit and feel like I’m drinking too much.
– My favorite number is 19, my birthday is on that day in April, and my daughter’s birthday is on the 21st so whenever I see 19:21 on the clock or 21:19 I do a little dance; it’s our special time of day. I like to celebrate the little things in life because I think those things are what makes our lives worthwhile.